About Us

I love all thing things that sparkle, shine, and glitter. I always have. 

After going to college for the music business, I worked in store management for a major retailer and, as expected, was fixated on one of my areas, the accessories department. My department did well in sales. 

After being swept into the Great Recession and laid off in 2012, I decided to go to grad school a few years later. It was during this time in 2016, Tease Lush Accessories was born. They say, if you do something you love, you'll never work a day. It's true! I absolutely love curating collections and bringing my customers the latest fashions.

I always knew I had the capacity to be a founder and start my own company. As a Black woman from the south side of Chicago, I wanted to do something meaningful to myself and inclusive of my culture. As an MBA graduate, I needed to immerse myself in tech, marketing, and the consumer. With Tease Lush Accessories, I get to do all of those things:) 

Tease Lush Accessories aims to offer the latest accessories and unique items at a great price point. I embrace the idea of being authentically you, down to the last drop. Tease Lush Accessories aims to help you shine, sparkle, and stand out in the crowd. Trust me, you'll find something you'll love!!!