The Color of Strength and Hopefulness

The Color of Strength and Hopefulness

The Pantone Color Institute revealed its chosen color for 2021. Actually, it's not one color, but two. Untimate grey ( a strong, steel grey) and illuminating ( a bright yellow). The colors are representative of "strength and hopefulness" and I agree we need more of that going into the second year of the Covid19 pandemic. 

Square photo with 6 grey balls and 1 yellow ball

What I enjoy about the choices are the obvious extremes. The coldness of the grey could represent sorrow and sadness, or, strength and courage. I like to think it is the color of grit. The yellow speaks to the human spirit and its ability to endure pain, yet marching onward, although with battle scars. It is the color of sunshine, generally associated with happiness and energy. In this case the brightly lit path as we emerge from a dark tunnel. 

Covid 19 is tough and challenging. We have lost many loved ones. However difficult it may seem, as a group we must find the strength and hopefulness to move forward and overcome this difficult time in history. 

What do you think about Pantone's choice of colors for the year 2021 and the meaning behind them?

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