Style Trend : Pretty, Fun, Headbands!

Style Trend : Pretty, Fun, Headbands!

This year, the headbands have had us in a choke hold chile. But not the retro bands of the 80's. These are plush, lifted and covered in crystals of all colors. While we hunker down at home and meet via Zoom, it’s nice to know we are trying to use what we can to bring some joy to ourselves and others. Just finding the strength to get dressed is an achievement in itself.

                          three headbands with colorful crystal background.


Headbands will never go out of style (I’ll die on this hill). I know I'm not the first to say it. Not only practical for tasks that require your hair be out of your face, they're also festive accoutrements for holidays, parties, and girls' nights. Really, anywhere you want to add something unexpected to your ensemble. 

                          photos of three headbands with colorful backgrounds



Others feature satin fabrics that remind you of a vacation on a tropical resort. Either way headbands have captivated Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z'ers alike.  So spice up your next work meeting or Zoom birthday party with a refreshing take on something not-so-new.


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