Self Care Sundays

Self Care Sundays

On Sundays, we take care!

It's been more important than ever to protect our mind, spirits, and souls while recovering from the last 2 years. As were exiting the pandemic phase of Covid19 it's important that we don't forget some of the practices we've adopted to protect our mental and physical health. In addition to the pandemic, the protests over George Floyd and BLM demonstrations  sent many of us down a rabbit hole of bad news and despair. So, let me remind you how we're taking time to care for ourselves, bringing some speck of sunshine into our lives. 


Sunday is a perfect day to relax with family, eat a soul-comforting meal, and work on your mental and physical health. Here are some of the activities many people turned to during our time in quarantine.


Light your favorite candle and put on some soothing sounds. Just sit and be present to clear your mind for the week ahead. Put your mental health first!

2. Skin Care/Face Mask

Take care of yourself on the outside as well! Use your favorite face mask while relaxing to put your best face forward. 

3. Binge watch your favorite shows

Who doesn't love a good Sunday binge watching session. If you haven't seen squid games, you're missing out!


Dip those toes and hands in soothing hot water with a dash of epsom salt and essential oils. After you relax those muscles and maybe paint a coat of polish take the time to add your favorite rings, braclets or anklets. It's sure to boost your mood!

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