Love Is In The Air!

Love Is In The Air!

 To be in love! As Valentine's Day is soon approaching, we are finding ourselves making more plans to be outdoors, as safely as possible during a pandemic (...and Winter). With everyone more eager than ever before to share special time with loved ones, there is also the reminder that we have to put on real pants to go out and celebrate. 

Now, this monumental task doesn't need to be daunting. To get back into the swing of things, my go to is dressing up basics. A black sweater dress would match well with colorful accessories to the delight of your loved ones. 

Photo collage featuring two pair of heart earrings and 1 silver link chain necklace with rhinestone heart.


Icy bling is always a welcome showstopper. Pair a statement necklace with stud earrings to increase your WOW! factor. 

Flirty and feminine is always my favorite go to. Gold accent drop earrings with a gold bracelet alway does the trick for me. 


Let me know how you'll be accessorizing this Valentine's Day!






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