How Do You Wear Your Nails At Work?

How Do You Wear Your Nails At Work?

Do you like your nails short and square? Or long and coffin? Do you wear classic french or hot pink embellished? Your choice of nail maintenance may depend on what you do for a living. I've work in education administration where answering emails took up a great deal of my time. I was able to get away with medium coffin nails because, I was used to them. It was a plus the leaders enjoyed seeing what flashy colors I would choose next.


During my time working in retail management, there was no way I could get away with the same. Restocking inventory and lifting heavy objects would surely damage my paint job, or worse, break my nail right down the middle (there are few other injuries as painful). 


It's a drag wanting the latest styles in nail design when your role doesn't allow it or you work in the type of establishment where it's frowned upon. One option is press on nails. I found a website that has pretty styles here


Does you job interfere with keeping your nails on point?  










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