Money Moves Like Ri-Ri

Posted by J S on

Rihanna is definitely in her bag! With wildly successful ventures outside of music, including Fenty Beauty, Savage by Fenty, and a new clothing line with LVMH, we're thinking how can we get like you?

Ri Ri has made it clear that disruption and innovation is the key! She found a problem and was determined to find a solution. Fenty Beauty not only has an impressive 50 shades, over 30 fit for black women, she also created the finish to make sure we don't look ashy in pictures. Yassss!

If you're looking to start your own business and don't know where to start, try identifying a problem you have. Then, research what solutions are out there. Can you come up with something better? What are some problems you have that aren't solved? 







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