Shopping For Your Undertones

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When it comes to style, the best way to go is to find the most flattering pieces for YOU! Everyone is different, from body type to skin tone. One aspect of knowing ourselves that's a tad overlooked is undertones.

Knowing what works for your undertones can make choosing the best colors much easier for you. In general, golden tones compliment most women. You can't go wrong with this widely worn jewelry choice.

Cool undertones can wear silver and muted colors like sage and slate blue better than most. Your cool undertones allow silver to enhance your beauty. 

Warm undertones benefit from gold, bronze and richer colors like red. Your warm undertones compliment hot pink and royal blue very well. The warmness in your skin radiates against rich colors.

Lastly, yellow and pink undertones look best in, well, everything! This group has the perfect mix of cool and warm to blend with any color or metal finish. They tend to be able to wear more color lipsticks than most! 

What do you think works for your undertones? 


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